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Tax Free Days in August for Back-to-School Shoppers!

With back to school, comes the need for clothing and supplies!

The good news is a lot of states offer Tax Free Weekends where you can buy clothing and school supplies tax free! Here in Floriday tax is 6% – 7% (depending on location) so its a great chance to save a little extra!  Of course this list may not be complete and may vary a little by location so make sure to check your local paper!

Click the “Read More” to see the dates of these events!

Alabama- 8/2-8/4

Arkansas- 8/3-8/4

Connecticut- 8/14-8/24

Florida- 8/2-8/4

Georgia- 8/9-8/10

Iowa- 8/2-8/3

Louisiana- see schedule for dates

Maryland- 8/11-8/17


Missouri- 8/2-8/4

New Mexico- 8/2-8/4

North Carolina- 8/2-8/4

Oklahoma- 8/2-8/4

South Carolina- 8/2-8/4

Tennessee- 8/2-8/4

Texas- 8/9-8/11

Virginia- 8/2-8/4

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