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Play the Disney Movie Rewards Disney Challenge to Win Free Points

disney challenge

Think you’re the ultimate Disney movie fan? Play the Disney Movie Rewards Disney Challenge and put your knowledge to the test. For playing you will get 5 free points – top three people will get 50 each!

To play: GO HERE and click on the Play Now button. You can play on the first and third Monday of every month. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the answers ;)

You’ll earn a Magic Code you can redeem at DisneyMovieRewards.com. The more codes you earn, the closer you are to getting cool stuff. Get a top score and you’ll earn a Bonus Code worth even MORE points!


Who voiced Robin Hood’s Little John?
(2) Phil Harris

How many years was Genie trapped in the lamp?
(4) 10,000 years

What kind of dog is Einstein in Oliver & Company?
(1) Great Dane

Bonus Round
Name the daughters of King Triton:
(1) Adella
(4) Alana
(5) Attina

Click the actors from An Extremely Goofy Movie:
(1) James Marsden
(5) Pauly Shore
(6) Brad Garrett

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